Why Microsoft Word Has Become Extremely Popular?


We all live in a world of Applications, conveniently called as Apps. It will not be a wonder if the so called Apps might be included as the Sixth Element of our Universe due to its predominance in the web world. Interestingly, Microsoft Word App has the distinction of being the forerunner of all the Apps that have been used by the global community. With the growing demand for this App, users can always Draw on the new MS Word App from the Internet. To know more about the Word App, readers can log on to computerworld.com. The dominance of this great App is mainly due to its user-friendliness as well as its ability to full fill the core needs of millions of people across the world, ranging from students to retirees who live in their sunset years.
Few words about the MS Word
The initial version of Microsoft Office contained only a few applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, & Microsoft PowerPoint. A soon as these applications were launched, businesses & corporate houses started leaning towards this application and became entirely dependent on them in a quick time. A little later, Microsoft PowerPoint (PP) became a trend of most business meetings or any other corporate events. For many years PP has become an indispensable tool without which no meeting has taken place in many of business houses around the world. A meeting without PP is known to be a discussion not a meeting at all. In the same way, MS Excel was familiar with the departments that had to handle data, task report compilation, linear calculations, etc., whereas, Microsoft Word is a universal application from MS application used extensively by one and all. With such a growing dependency on various Microsoft Software support programs; there is an intrepid demand MS Office Word that has dominated the world more than the total efforts combined by the typewriters around the world.

One cannot imagine this digital age without MS Word, which has become part and parcel of our life. When it comes to multitasking, no App can match with the MS Word which is known to be the most flexible tool in the history of computers. Among all the Apps from the Microsoft suite, MSWord takes the credit for being the most user-friendly application ever produced and widely used.

Know some of the new features of MS Word

SmartArt: It differs from the right old WordArt used in the past. SmartArt is not only known to be comprehensive buy also can swap images even from the old gallery. With this new feature, your document looks charmer than in the past.
Converts data into charts: The new Word App, like the Excel, can create data into a graphic form
Interactive documents: The latest version has the feature of making the document interactive by hyperlinks.
Watermarks: With this unique feature one can protect the copyrights of the documents as well include brand’s logo in every document.

The list goes on as MS Word prepares to add new features that are going to improve as years pass.