Selecta Base for All Your Mailing List Wants and More


Selecta Base offers you a unique and updated method to building clientele for your website or business. You will be able to reach new clients through the use of local data and national direct marketing. The database can be used to reach more than 38 million people from around the globe.

By using Selecta Base services, you have access to 24/7 support by collecting a marketing list that can be downloaded right to your Android device, tablet, phone or computer. By being able to download to all sorts of devices, it makes it easier to stay on top of your marketing needs and wants. There will never be a moment that you are not able to build more customers or reach new people.

With the use of the new monthly lists, there is the prospect of being able to use a startup for a business and turn it into a successful business venture in a short amount of time. You can reach out to potential customers as well as using it for personal reasons such as reaching out on birthdays to people or selecting a new partner in crime. You will need to enter your own personal data for the area that you live in and what you will need the targeted list for. Once a month from there on out, you will receive a updated list of data meeting your specifications.

Selecta Base also offers data enhancement as well as cleansing services. The customers of your business should be legitimate customers and should not be on the no call list or receive unwanted telephone calls. All too often there are people out there selling outdated lists where people have been told they no longer wish to receive unwanted phone calls. When this happens, their name is supposed to be removed from the calling and contact list however most people leave their names there so they can pass the names along onto other people searching for data lists. With Selecta Base, we ensure that you are legal and the people on your list will not mind receiving that phone call or email. The data we provide is profiled and tested before ever being sent out.

We will print, stamp and post all of your materials for you. There will be ways for you to save time and money by using our in house mailing system. There will be no need for a middle man any longer as we are able to merge mail, print off letters and then stuff the envelope with whatever information you want sent out. You will only need to upload the content to us where we then will print it out and send to the addresses that you provide us with.

If you join at the right time, there is even an incentive to make it easy on you by registering now and when completed with registration, a letter will be sent out for free. What more could you ask for from a data company providing you with all your needs and wants from a mailing list company and so much more.