Role Of Clickfunnels In Social Media

By using Click funnels service, it is possible to capture larger audiences through social media like Facebook and Tweeter. Online marketers can able to create a Fan Page Domination through videos, quality contents and so on. How does it work? The reader can now browse the website where experts share some useful techniques so that a product or service awareness can reach to tons of FB users without any cost. Perhaps this is the power of the web
service Clickfunnels. It is needless to say that one has to be aware of the sales tunnel before knowing the intricacies of the Clickfunnels service. Read on to find more details about the sales tunnel used by the marketing gurus of the past.

Why the term sales funnel?
Let us go to some basics. Imagine an upright funnel used in our homes. Basically, it is a tube with a wide top for pouring a liquid or powder to a small opening. Marketing experts of the yester years have derived some logic from the shape of this funnel and effectively used it for the purpose of marketing products and services. The idea behind a sales tunnel is that every sale begins with a larger number of potential prospects and ends with a smaller number of individuals who make a purchase. Though the stages of sales funnel vary according to the industries, the basic one operates with the following four stages which are given under.

1. Awareness: Large amounts of prospects come in this stage, where they are seeking solutions to their problems. At this stage, they become aware of various things like content marketing, email campaigns as well the popular social media marketing and other avenues of services.

2. Interest: At this stage, a sizeable number of prospects starts to decrease, however, the possibility of a sales conversion increases. It is here the customer wish to engage with the organization, request more information and ask relevant questions.

3. Decision: After collecting all the details, it is time for taking a decision, and in this stage, a customer has a clear intention to buy the product or services. Perhaps, some sales offer can be given by the company in order to make the customer to make a buying decision.

4. Action: All of the above-mentioned stages funnel down into this final step: action. It is this stage the prospect becomes a customer by buying the product. At this point, the customer has decided to purchase the product.
Sales funnel metrics
Clickfunnels uses the same formula

Having discussed the basics of the sales funnels, the Clickfunnels service uses the same technique in attracting customers to the landing pages of the client’s websites. Some of the other complex systems used by this wonderful tool include Lead generation system, Autoresponder, Personal domain, Screen capturing and social media integration and so on. Smart online marketers make use of this unique web service in order to get a better and even huge profit in the process. When it comes to online marketing, it is not ‘large eating the small’ but ‘smart eating the passive ones’.