Easiest Way To Convert MKV to AVI File Format

mkv to avi

Matroska Video commonly known as MKV is a popular file format which can be used to play video files, audio files and images in high definition. The main disadvantage of this kind of file format is that the file format will not be supported by standard video players and other devices. You have to convert MKV file format to AVI so that it can be played in any type of video player by using any easy way to convert a mkv to mp4. According to the experts at digitaltrends.com, MKV files are usually very high-quality files and you will get DVD or High definition like experience while viewing the videos and audios.

In technical terms, MKV files are not a video or audio file format, but they are multimedia container formats. This MKV file format is able to incorporate video, audio and subtitle files into a single container even though they are developed separately.

You can see below some well-known methods of converting the file format from MKV to AVI and vice versa. AVI is the most universally accepted file format which will be supported by any video player. Most importantly, after the file conversion, the file size will reduce considerably so that you can store more files on your device. The technical code for converting the file format from MKV to AVI is mentioned here with (video codec: XviD, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG).

The first and very famous file conversion method is using a video converter for converting the MKV files to AVI files for Mac. This video converter can convert almost all types of audio and video files formats into universally popular AVI format. This file format has developed with all ready-made functionalities. So all you have to do is select your file and the format in which the file has to be converted, rest the video converter will take care of.

First method
Open the video converter software and click on the ‘Add file’ option. Then select the file by browsing your hard disk folders on your computer. This video converter has the option of dragging your file to the particular space for converting. You can select multiple files at one time and all your files will be converted and saved in the destination folder as per your wish.

Second Method
Once you are done with the video file selection, go to section 2 and select the file export option. Then click on the profile from the drop-down menu. Then choose the output type as AVI under the newly opened menu. Make sure to choose the output file format as HD Video type if your MKV videos are high definition videos. Then go to settings and then select profile and then you can make changes in the output file format as per your wish.

Third Method
Click the convert button on the main menu from converting MKV files to AVI files on Mac. The program will automatically start encoding and save the converted file in the destination as selected by you.