Four Main Types Of Webhosting


Have you have developed your blog using the world-famous and highly user-friendly WordPress platform? Then, why look for other web-hosting options when the best solution is to choose a WordPress hosting service? If you are still not convinced, get online and check the best hosting for WordPress sites and pick the right WordPress hosting service most suitable for your blog.

Many bloggers don’t want to invest money in blogging. For them there are various free blogging platforms available which help in creating a blog totally free-of-cost. In the website, you can find the different options available under free blogging platforms.

If you are new to blogs and websites, and are still finding your way, then you can select managed hosting services and shared hosting services through which you can share the technical aspects of your website with the blogs and websites of other firms. Technology has changed a lot in recent years. Today you have the option to use “Virtual private servers” called “Cloud servers”, which are proving to be a major boon for the online community.

Here are the several types of hosting services options available for your site, given below.

You can pick the shared hosting option if you have a low budget for hosting. It is similar to public transportation. Here most of the sites host their sites using Shared hosting and so there will be large crowding in this hosting option. Once the number of visitors per increases for your site, you will lot of technical problems and it slows down your site performance and offer only limited bandwidth usage. It is best suitable for non revenue sites like developed a blog as a hobby.

In earlier days Managed hosting referred to “operating system and hardware management” which has a separate OS, security patches, hard drives etc. The new level manages hosting services are “Application-level managed hosts. There are several application offer hosting services and among them WordPress is one. WordPress is go-to-content Management system for most people. It is normally open source hosting and develops infrastructure around single scripts rather than many.

If you have WordPress site then Managed WordPress host will offer all types of back-end works for running your site or blog and you don’t want to do anything. It helps you to concentrate on your core area i.e. selling your product or services to customers. Managed hosting is the ideal option for business owners who run their site using WordPress.

If you have knowledge about Unix-based Operating system then you will have experience in making a custom stack on Virtual Private servers (VPS). VPS has become popular because of Cloud Computing. Investing little in VPS, you can get VPS for site and you can tune and control over the server for your actual need. It is the low cost and flexible server option and it is the best option when you have developed your site using popular software packages like WordPress.

Dedicated “Bare metal” server is the last option and it is not suitable for everyday site owners since it has lot of drawbacks.