A Brief Overview Of The Health Benefits Of Moringa Tree


Moringa is a superfood which is derived from the moringa tree and it contains an extremely powerful anti-aging nutrient known as zeatin. It also contains 2 compounds which help to stop tumor growth and prevent cancer.
The moringa tree is indigenous to Northern Africa and Southern India. It is a slender, short, deciduous and perennial tree that grows up to a height of about 30 feet.
The flowers, leaves, bark, roots and wood of the moringa tree are utilized across the globe for a wide range of medicinal, nutritional, and pharmacological purposes. The leaves of this tree, in particular, have become very popular in recent times because of their usefulness to human health.
In quite a few indigenous cultures, moringa has been known as the “Miracle Tree” due to its content of over 90 essential nutrients. According to recent studies, it has been found that moringa contains 2 compounds which are capable of causing a significant reduction of skin tumors. Thus moringa has earned the repute of being a useful plant which can prevent cancer.
Moringa leaves are used by Indian Ayurvedic medicines to prevent and cure more than 300 ailments. The leaves are rich in complete proteins which are rarely found elsewhere in the plant kingdom. This is definitely good news for the vegetarians and also those who want to restrict their consumption of meat and dairy products without compromising protein intake.
The rich combination of amino acids, nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties of the moringa leaves are capable of filling a whole book. However, probably the greatest discovery regarding moringa leaves is their rich content of zeatin.
Zeatin belongs to the plant hormone family called cytokinins. Cell division, as well as cell growth, is induced by the cytokinins which delay the aging of cells. In fact, studies have revealed the incredible effects of zeatin on the aging human skin.
Zeatin protects the healthy cells from any type of stress, defends the cells against any free radical damage, strengthens the living cells, and assists the body to replace the dying cells faster… thus slowing down the aging process. As a matter of fact, moringa contains thousands of times more zeatin as compared to other plants.
There are about 20 million skin cells in the human body at any given time. But approximately 35,000 skin cells expire every minute. As the old cells die, new cells push up into the skin’s upper layers. With zeatin present in moringa, the new cells of the skin develop much faster as compared to the rate at which the old cells die. This causes a significant reduction of the wrinkles on our face, as well as, other parts of our body and we get a more young-looking skin appearance.
Dietary supplements of moringa are available in the form of moringa leaf capsules, moringa powder tea and moringa leaf powder.
Many online vendors and also quite a few health food retailers sell moringa powder and capsules. It is advisable for you to buy supplements from those companies which don’t have an MLM structure because MLM companies will charge a premium for the moringa supplements for compensating multiple tiers of the direct sellers.

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